Institute for Education and Training

The Institute for Education and Training is responsible for providing education within VUmc and provides all medical, mental health, biomedical, nursing and medical support programmes.

University education
VUmc School of Medical Sciences is part of the Institute for Education and Training, with Medicine being its largest programme. VUmc Amstel Academy and VUmc Academy also form part of the Institute.

VUmc Amstel Academy is responsible for the development, coordination and execution of postgraduate nursing courses and medical support courses. VUmc Academy is responsible for the development of medical postgraduate courses, the organization of extra and refresher courses (medical, medical support, nursing and mental health), conferences, symposiums and training courses (provided by PAOG) and all activities in the field of HR development, training and coaching.

Our principles
VUmc’s motto ‘Striving together for excellence’ (Samen kiezen voor Beter) is reflected in our comprehensive package of degree programmes. The application of this principle is always aimed at ‘striving for excellence’ and ‘becoming excellent’. Achieving a high level of education and the professionalization of our teaching staff are a matter of course. Education research is also part of our activities, whereby we focus on updating and providing access to expertise. In a broader perspective, we work together with VU University Amsterdam to improve the Human Health and Life Sciences domain. This is both a substantive and a physical collaboration that aims to promote excellent Human Health and Life Sciences education and bring together the stakeholders. The Institute for Education and Training develops, innovates and provides access to knowledge via knowledge sharing and knowledge management.

The Institute for Education and Training has ambitions to develop into a renowned regional knowledge centre for medical and nursing education and training.

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