VU University Medical Center

VU University Medical Center

Excellent education

Teaching takes place on a small scale and is of the highest quality. The lecturers take great care in monitoring and mentoring students. You are assigned an individual mentor who provides you with personal guidance and supervision.

Unique program

The Master Cardiovascular Research at VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam is a unique program. Students are trained to become bridge builders between clinical and experimental research, with a unique approach in the Netherlands.

Internationally oriented

The program is taught in English and its unique approach attracts students from different countries. In addition to the standard program, you will also have the opportunity to take subjects at other faculties. Many of the lecturers on the Master program have contact with foreign universities and research institutes, such as in the United States and the United Kingdom. This improves your prospects of being able to do graduate research abroad.

Leading scientists

You are taught by scientists who have made unique contributions to the areas of research featured in the program. All enjoy international recognition as prominent researchers in diverse fields of Cardiovascular disease. All of our teaching staff consistently receive excellent educational evaluations.

Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS) Research Institute

In 2015, the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS) Research Institute has been formed, which provides a collaborative network between cardiovascular scientists in Amsterdam from AMC and VUmc. The mission of ACS is to design knowledge-based treatment strategies to prevent and cure cardiovascular disease. For ACS, problems in patient care are the motivation to perform novel translational research that give rise to a cycle of research from ‘bedside to bench and back’. To span the wide field of cardiovascular diseases, the research is divided into five Centers of Excellence each encompassing clinical and basic research. The strategy of ACS enables them to move from the patient to experimental designs in the laboratory, and to subsequently test novel treatment strategies in selected patient groups.

The five Centers of Excellence are:
Centers of Excellence ACS

More information about ACS can be found at the website.

University rankings

The 2015 Times Higher Education World University Rankings' Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health table places VU University Medical Center at number 65 worldwide. In the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities 2014, field of Medicine, VU University ranks 41 worldwide.