Cardiovascular Research

The following webpages inform you about the Master Cardiovascular Research, including admission and application to the program, the assessment, tuition fees and deadlines. This information enables you to assess if this Master is the right program for you and helps you prepare your admission as efficiently as possible.

General information

Cardiovascular Reserch
Croho number
Language of tuition
2 years
Study type
European credits
120 ECTS
Application deadline
April 1st for non-EU/EEA students
June 1st for EU/EEA students

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The program has been rated as one of the best Master's programs in the Netherlands in Keuzegids Masters 2019.

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Program management

Dop en Miriam 2018


Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research is one of the focus scientific areas of the VU University Medical Center. The program is embedded and aligned with the Amsterdam Cardiovascular Sciences (ACS) Institute, a collaborative network of the VU University Medical Center and Academic Medical Center. The program started in 2009 and aims to educate talented students who are willing to be educated as top scientists in Cardiovascular Science and Technology. The program includes education regarding the development, diagnosis and treatment of heart and vessel disease, and focusses on diseases with a huge societal impact, such as diabetes, myocardial infarction, thrombosis and heart failure. Furthermore, students will learn more about e.g. medical technology and imaging.

Are you a researcher at heart?

Cardiovascular disease is, together with cancer, a leading cause of death in the Western world. In the Netherlands, more than 100 people die every day due to cardiovascular disease. While patient outcome following acute cardiovascular disease has improved tremendously in the last decades, patients suffer more and more from the burden of chronic diseases like diabetes, thrombosis or heart failure. To improve patient outcome, more scientific research focusing on prevention, pathogenesis, diagnosis and therapy is needed. With your Master’s degree you may contribute to further improvement of health care for these patients.

Program features

The program:

  • is designed to equip you to become the next generation of scientists who are eager to understand the causes of cardiovascular disease and develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic modalities; 
  • offers a small scale program with a maximum of 20 students providing personal attention and guidance from our researchers;
  • is developed by passionate clinical and preclinical scientists who are active in the field of Cardiovascular Research;
  • is unique and teaches from the perspective of translational research. 

We aim to boost Cardiovascular education and prepare Master students for future challenges in the field of Cardiovascular Research. Can you imagine yourself as a scientific researcher in the field? Are you adventurous, an out-of-the-box thinker who likes to come up with questions and to find answers? We are looking forward to your application!