Honours Programmes

Onderzoek student 8
Foto: Digidaan

Excellent students of VUmc School of Medical Sciences can opt to follow an additional programme alongside their standard programme. These programmes focus on performing scientific research. You can follow an Honours Programme alongside both the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes.

A part of this Honours Programme is programme-specific. The other part is provided as part of VU University Amsterdam’s extra-faculty programme, whereby top lecturers with various specialities together provide courses on topics such as Climate Change; Brain and Behaviour; and Religion, Identity and Conflict.

The Top Master's Programme is open to students following a Research Master’s.



If you have any questions you can contact the secretary's office of the Honours Programme:

Student quote: “Medicine is a broad science. I wanted to specialize in one small aspect of it and learn as much as possible about this aspect. The Honours Programme gives you the opportunity to do something new and goes further than just learning it from the book. It is a four year research programme during which you can perform medical scientific research at the highest level.”