Examination Board Master Cardiovascular Research and Master Oncology

VUmc School of Medical Sciences distinguishes one Central Examination Board and two Shared Examination Boards; one for the Medical bachelor- and master program and one for the three medical sciences master programs: Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Research and Oncology.

Central Examination
The Central Examination board, which mandates the Shared Examination Boards, executes its tasks according to the “Wet op het Hoger onderwijs en Wetenschappelijk onderzoek (WHW)” and is the establishment, which objectively and professionally assesses whether or not a student fulfills the criteria, the education- and exam regulations have set with regard to knowledge, insight and skills, necessary to obtain the degree. The Central examination board operates at Faculty level.

Members of the Central Examination Board

ChairMs. dr. I.E. van der Horst - Bruinsma
Vice ChairMs.dr. I. Bijnsdorp
MemberProf.dr. A.J.L.M. van Balkom
MemberDr. M. Wondergem
External memberDrs. K.H. Visser
Secretary            Mr. P.J. Wytzes

Shared Examination
The Shared Examination Board Epidemiology, Cardiovascular Research and Oncology processes requests of students concerning examination and supervises the quality of the exams of the education programs it is responsible for. The Shared Examination Board is also the establishment that handles the study program of the individual students.

This page provides information for students of the master programs Cardiovascular Research and Oncology.

Plan of action

The application and handling of students’ requests pursue the following plan of action:

  • The request is submitted by the student;
  • The student receives an automatic confirmation of receipt;
  • The official secretary assesses whether or not a request meets the regulations for application. If not, the request is not handled by the Shared Examination Board. The student will receive a message to notify him/her;
  • The student will receive a message to notify him/her;
  • The official secretary asks for additional information to be given by the student when necessary;
  • The request will be dealt with by the Shared Examination Board ;
  • The student receives the decision on his/her request of the Shared Examination Board within 30 days after the receipt of the request via a digital letter (via e-mail) and a hardcopy via regular mail.

The following requests can be submitted to the Shared Examination Board. Click on the link to go to the appropriate form:  

1. Exemptions, personal requests and complaints
request form
2. Approval of optional coursesapproval form
3. Approval of Internships
approval form
4. Approval of Literature Studies 
approval form 

Rules for filing a request

  • Ask yourself the question; does my request fall within the competence of the Shared Examination Board  or should I apply my question elsewhere?
  • First check the “Academic and Examination Regulations (OER)” and the “Rules and Regulations (RR).
  • Requests to the Shared Examination Board have to be filed using one of the digital request forms, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Requests, questions or letters that are not filed using the digital forms will not be answered.
  • The mark list has to be attached.

Members of the Shared Examination Board

ChairMs. dr. I. Bijnsdorp 
Vice ChairMs. dr. M.J.Greuter 
MemberDr. S.R. Baglio
Dr. P.A.J. Krijnen 
Official Secretary            Mr. P.J. Wytzes  


The Shared Examination Board will inform the student of the decision within 30 days after filing the request. The applicant receives an e-mail message about the decision or the progress of the request.

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