Hepatitis B

Students of Medicine are vaccinated for hepatitis B at the start of their studies. VU University Medical Center’s hepatitis B vaccination policy follows the national guidelines set down by the Health Care Inspectorate. VUmc offers the opportunity to get vaccinated to the students as a service; the students themselves are responsible for ensuring they get vaccinated. Students will be asked to produce a valid proof of vaccination before they can participate in a practical or internship involving high risk procedures.

Practical information

Please note! All students who need to be vaccinated must contact the HSE service themselves to get the first vaccination.

First year Bachelor’s students
Students must be able to produce a proof of vaccination for hepatitis B at the end of their first year. VUmc offers screening, vaccination and control of the antibody to students free of charge. If students refuse the vaccination they will have to pay for the compulsory three-monthly screening themselves.

         - Making an appointment for the vaccination programme 

Students must start the hepatitis B vaccination programme at the start of the first year of study. The HSE service will schedule a number of weeks for the programme spread over the year. You are responsible for making the appointment with the HSE service yourself. The weeks for the vaccination programme are determined at the start of the year.

        - Collecting your proof of vaccination

If your antibody titre is satisfactory, you can collect your proof of vaccination two weeks after the blood test from the student desk of the Institute for Education and Training in the School of Medical Sciences building. If the result of the blood test is unsatisfactory then you will be tested to see whether you are a carrier. The HSE service will inform you whether, and if so for how long, you are protected. Appointments for continuing the vaccination programme will be made on an individual basis.

  • Lateral entry students
    Lateral entry students follow the same vaccination programme as first year students. The students are required to contact the HSE service to arrange the vaccinations themselves.
  • Other students
    VUmc’s HSE service needs to know the vaccination status of all registered students of Medicine. Students who join their programme after the first year or other than through lateral entry must contact the HSE service themselves. This also applies to students who have been vaccinated elsewhere (whether or not they have completed the vaccination programme).

Students from high endemic countries must be screened for hepatitis B before they start their programme. A blood test will be performed to reveal whether you are a hepatitis B carrier. If you are a hepatitis B carrier then this may have consequences for your studies and future career in healthcare.