Information on infection prevention

Students of medicine must have some knowledge of infection prevention before they commence their studies, on the one hand to protect themselves, on the other to prevent spreading infectious diseases on the work floor.

A number of infectious diseases can have consequences for the work of students and interns in hospitals. A distinction is made between persons at risk (coming into contact with infected materials) and persons forming a risk (healthcare workers transmitting infectious diseases to patients). To prevent the spreading of infectious diseases, it is important that interns who show signs of infection report to the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) service, their tutor or their internship supervisor. It is particularly important to take extreme care while working in high risk wards and units.

The HSE service will also vaccinate you for hepatitis B prior to or during your studies.

If you are travelling abroad, then it is important that you read the ‘Safety and health’ information as well. Particularly strict rules apply to MRSA and TBC.

You can contact the student advisors for more information.