Academic Core

The Academic Core is a component of the Master program which is designed to prepare students for the transition from student to scientist. During this course, students will learn academic elements such as writing a CV, skills required for a job application and participating in a conference. The academic skills are all related to a future career in scientific research.

In the Academic Core the student learns several academic and transferable skills like career development (including a resume assignment), legal and ethical judgment, presenting skills, conference participation and networking. Most of the academic and transferable skills are integrated in the program components and tested in the assessments. Others are explicitly separated in special meetings. A mentor (program coordinator) is assigned to each student. The student has to contact the mentor at least twice to discuss aspects of a career in science. The students complete an Academic Core portfolio to demonstrate their development, and this is evaluated by the examiner of the Academic Core.

The course lasts throughout the entire program. During the course, students should make an Academic Core Portfolio. At the end of the first year, the student has to send the assignments of the first year before the first of September to the program coordinator: Upon completion of the whole portfolio, the student must send this portfolio to the program coordinator and it will be assessed during a meeting with the Academic Core examiner. Afterwards, the credits will be registered.

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