The Master Cardiovascular Research program consists of 33 EC compulsory courses and 12 EC optional courses. The program includes lectures, workshops, demonstrations and literature sessions in the preclinical and clinical setting. You can make an individual choice regarding the optional courses, and it is encouraged to follow courses at other faculties or even other universities. If you want to register for a course or exam, the standard VU rules for registration apply. Attendance of at least 80% is obligatory for both the compulsory courses and the optional courses. If for some reason you are unable to attend, you need to inform the course coordinator on forehand.

Courses overview 20190704

Exams and retakes

All compulsory courses and optional courses will be finished with an exam. This exam usually takes place on the last day of the course. The learning objectives for every exam are indicated in the description of the course. Retakes of the compulsory courses will take place after Christmas holiday. You have to inform the course coordinator and master coordinator in case of unforeseen absence on the day of the exam (e.g. illness). Each semester, you are required to register for the compulsory courses during the official registration period. When you register for a course, you are automatically registered for the first exam. For the retake, you have to register on VUnet at least 2 weeks in advance!

If you want to take an exam or retake, you should register at least 2 weeks in advance through the student portal. If you do not register in time, you do not have permission to attend the exam. All the rules and regulations concerning exams and retakes of the compulsory courses and optional courses are described in the Academic and Examination Regulations (OER).

If you have problems registering for courses or exams when using the student portal, please contact the Student Service Center at least 4 weeks before the course starts or 2 weeks before the examination date, respectively.

Compulsory courses

Which compulsory courses apply within your Master program depends on the year you have started the Master. Since 2016, the compulsory courses are the following:

Heart and Circulation
Cardiac Disease
Diabetes and Vascular Disease
Advanced Imaging 
Writing a Research Proposal
January - February
Academic Core
Throughout the program

More information can be found in the Academic and Examination Regulations (OER).

Optional courses

The Master Cardiovascular Research has reserved 12 EC for optional courses. You can make a choice of the optional courses listed for the Master Cardiovascular Research or follow a course at another faculty or university. A limited number of optional courses can be found in the study guide, but we encourage you to find optional courses outside the VUmc School of Medical Sciences. You always need to ask permission from the Examination Board using the approval form and check the information about the course in the study guide.

Optional courses in 2019-2020:

Name coursedateOrganizer
Cardiac Development28-09-2020 until 9-10-2020Prof. dr. Roelof-Jan Oostra and Prof. dr. Maurice van der Hoff
Biomedical ProteomicsFebruary 2020Prof. dr. Connie Jimenez


Here you find a list of all optional courses followed by students in previous years.

After completion of an optional course outside the VU, fill in the credit registration form and send it to the Student Service Center (



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • I failed an exam, how can I do the re-sit? For a re-sit, you have to register in VUnet.
  • How do I request approval for an optional course? You must fill in the digital approval form for optional courses.
  • How do I register credits for an optional course? You must fill in the credit registration form for optional courses.
  • I want to do a course at a different university, is that possible? Yes, you can follow courses at universities other than the VU. However, you always need to request approval from the Examination Board for an optional course.