In total, a student has to spend 66 EC for two Internships: a Minor Internship (30 EC) and a Major Internship (36 EC). Both Internships have to be performed at a research laboratory or clinical research group acknowledged by the Examination Board of the Master Cardiovascular Research. The Minor Internship may be any (bio)medical topic related to Cardiovascular Research and has to be performed at one of the departments of the VU/VUmc, AMC or Sanquin. The Major Internship must have a Cardiovascular character and should preferentially be performed outside the VU or abroad. Each Internship needs to be approved in advance by the Examination Board.

Make sure you carefully read the Internship Regulations!

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Students are encouraged to look for an Internship at least 3 months before the start of their Internship. For clinical Internships or Internships abroad a period of 6 months is advised. Finding an appropriate Internship is part of your network skills and competencies.

Duration and content

One week full-time (40 hr/week) is an equivalent of 1.5 EC. Therefore, the Minor Internship will be 20 weeks and the Major Internship will be 24 weeks. Interruptions need to be taken into account when calculating the total number of EC.

All Internships have to include the following elements:

  • Theoretical deepening in the relevant field of Cardiovascular Research
  • Elaboration, execution and analysis of the research question
  • Formulation of conclusions and recommendations
  • Written report in English
  • Oral presentation in English

VUmc supervisor

Internships performed outside the VU/VUmc must have an internal VUmc supervisor with a permanent position of at least university lecturer at the VU/VUmc. The internal supervisor guards the validity of the Internship and the assessment from the Internship assessor. This internal supervisor determines the total mark, based on the advice of the supervisor of the institution where the Internship was performed.

Approval and paperwork in advance

Before starting an Internship, a student always has to request approval of the Examination Board of the Master Cardiovascular Research. Only students who obtained a 5.5 or higher for 3 out of the first 4 compulsory courses of the program can request to start their Minor Internship. For approval you need to completely fill out the digital approval form to allow the Examination Board to make a sound decision based on the provided information. When your Internship has been approved, you and your supervisor will receive an email stating the decision of the Examination Board.

Internship Portfolio

During your Internship, you should provide us with several documents. The Internship Portfolio contains all required forms mentioned below and information needed during your Internship. Only a complete portfolio handed in via email to will result in registration of your grades and credits!

During your Internship

A List of Agreements (A) needs to be filled out and send to within 2 weeks after starting your Internship. This list describes the agreements made by the student and the supervisor about the start and ending of the Internship, interruptions like optional courses, vacations/holidays or other obligations. Within 6 weeks after starting your Internship, a Research Proposal (B) should be written. In addition, it is compulsory to have an Interim Assessment (C) with your supervisor. This assessment is used to evaluate your work at the department and assess whether the Internship can be finished successfully. Halfway, you should give an oral presentation to the department to present the findings you obtained so far.


Finishing the Internship

At the end of the Internship, an assessment form has to be filled out. The Criteria Guidelines in the Internship Regulations should be used during the assessment to ensure uniform grading. The total mark is based on the quality of the practical work (40%), the written report (40%) and the oral presentation (20%).

After sending a PDF of your report and your Internship Portfolio to, your report will be reviewed and graded by an independent examiner. The final mark of the written report will be the average of the individual marks for the report given by the supervisor and the independent assessor.

Please also send the link of the second assessor assessment form to your second assessor.

In addition, you should fill in the online evaluation form.

Master thesis

The Master thesis includes the results of the Major Internship, integrated with and from the perspective of the knowledge acquired in the compulsory education. The Master thesis will get a uniform cover front and cover provided and designed by the Master program.

All forms for approval and assessment, front and cover for the master thesis and other information can be found here.

Internship abroad

Are you planning an Internship outside the Netherlands? The International Office can assist you finding a suitable scholarship and make sure you leave fully prepared for your Internship. When you tick the box This internship will be conducted outside of the Netherlands in the approval form, the International Office will automatically be notified that you will perform your Internship abroad. After you have received approval from the Examination Board, you will be invited by the International Office to pick up your dossier. Apply for your Internship abroad at least 3 months in advance!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How do I request approval for an Internship? For every Internship you must request approval for an Internship by filling out the Internship approval form
  • What is an internal supervisor? When you do an Intership outside of the VUmc, you need an internal supervisor assigned to your Internship. This supervisor is stationed at the VUmc and will also assess your Internship report. 
  • Who do I fill in as first/second supervisor? Your first supervisor is usually your day-to-day supervisor (PhD student or post-doc), your second supervisor is a principal investigator (post-doc or professor).
  • Do I have to hand in hardcopies at the Student Desk? No, only a pdf version of your report and prtfolio is sufficient.