You are responsible to submit your own graduation and diploma applications, and to satisfy the proper requirements for this process.

When to submit a graduation application

Students may submit their diploma/graduation applications if they satisfy the following requirements:

  • All of their assessments/marks are registered in VUnet, but at least 4 weeks before the exam date.
  • They have fulfilled the requirements for the Master program as stated in the Academic and Examination Regulations (OER).
  • On the requested graduation date, they will still be enrolled in the degree program for which they are requesting their diploma. 
  • They have met all their payment obligations (tuition fees). 
  • If they stop their studies without successfully completing the final examinations, they can obtain an attendance certificate from the Examination Board, provided that they have successfully completed at least two course components. The attendance certificate lists those examinations.

Verifying personal information and marks

Before submitting an application, verify that:

  • The last result for the diploma is submitted in VUnet before the exam date at the latest. This means that you should hand in any reports at least 4 weeks before the exam date due to the independent assessment procedure. In July, August and December, an earlier deadline applies.
  • Your transcript is complete and correct. If you have any doubts about whether you qualify for the graduation ceremony or not, you should send the faculty a verification check of results.
  • You have obtained the Examination Board's approval for any extra courses.
  • Your first name(s), last name(s) and date of birth are correctly registered in Studielink. This is important because this information will appear on your diploma as it is registered in Studielink.
  • The period of validity for your courses has not expired.

What is the graduation date

  • Your graduation date will be in the month in which you officially completed your degree program. This is always the last working day of the month. This date will also be stated on your degree certificate. Please note: it is not the date on which the degree awards ceremony is held.
  • The graduation ceremonies take place only in the months January, June and September.
  • The official graduation date is important for your deregistration from Studielink, your tuition fees, and your public transport pass.
  • Please consult the Graduation Schedule Research Master's to see which deadlines apply to you.

Degree awards ceremony

If you want to attend a graduation ceremony, submit your graduation application on time!

Date of graduation ceremonyTimeLocation
20 June 2019afternoonVU - Medical Faculty
19 September 2019afternoonVU - Medical Faculty
16 January 2020afternoonVU - Medical Faculty

These are tentative dates.

Please take note of the following:

  • Students should make sure to specify whether they wish to attend the awards ceremony on the graduation application form.
  • After applying for graduation, you will be invited for the graduation ceremony 2 weeks in advance. The invitation will specify the date, time and location of the ceremony.
  • Each graduate is permitted a maximum of 5 guests.
  • If there are less than 6 graduates, the ceremony might be cancelled. If you are already registered for the graduation ceremony, you will automatically be moved to the next graduation ceremony.
  • The graduation ceremony is an official part of the Master Oncology and not a formality. Therefore, your presence is mandatory. If, by any chance, you are unable to come to the ceremony, you need to send an official statement to the Student Service Center with a valid reason for not attending. If the Exam Committee approves your request, you could get the option to obtain your diploma at the nearest Exam Committee meeting.
    Note: being abroad for vacation or work is not a valid reason. In addition, it is not possible for your diploma to be sent via post due to strict academic regulations.

Diploma Application - Request form

You must complete the application for graduation form. The application form should be completed and submitted electronically (email:

The Institute of Education and Training (Student Service Center) checks your diploma application for accuracy. The Examination Board determines whether or not students have passed. If the Institute of Education and Training finds any errors, they will contact the student within two weeks. Students who have met all their degree requirements will receive confirmation and can collect their diploma at the degree awards ceremony.