Literature Study


Your Literature Study will be carried out under supervision, but in this stage of your education it is expected that you act highly independent. It is also possible that you propose your own subject and present your own question. The study may be focused on a scientific (bio)medical question, but a more applied or social question is also allowed. The literature objective may be related to your Major Internship. The aim of the Literature Study is that you will be able to select, evaluate and critically discuss relevant literature. Based on the literature analysis, you have to clearly explain not only the state-of-the-art, but also the limitations and problems in the literature. Depending on the context of the study, the student has to formulate recommendations and strategies for further research to solve remaining problems. The Literature Study is written in the format of a review paper.

Make sure you carefully read the Literature Study Regulations!

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For your Literature Study you need to find an Oncology-related subject that interests you. You can either find a suitable supervisor with knowledge on the particular subject you are interested in or find a supervisor from the lecturers that have been presenting during the courses. If you are not able to find a suitable subject or supervisor, your program coordinator can assist you.

Amsterdam UMC assessor

The Literature Study report needs to be verified by a second assessor from Amsterdam UMC (VU/VUMC). This Amsterdam UMC assessor needs to be invited by the student but has to be approved by the Examiner ILS and has to work at least at the level of assistant professor (UD). He/she will critically review the report and give a mark.

Approval and Literature Study Portfolio

Your Literature Study needs to be approved by the Examination Board. For approval you need to fill out the approval form for a Literature Study. Finish the form as completely as possible to allow the Examination Board to make a proper assessment of your request.

The Literature Study also has a portfolio. The Literature Study Portfolio contains a summary of the assignment and the Survey Outline which needs to be written and send to within 2 weeks after the start of the Literature Study.

After writing your Literature Study, you need to give an oral presentation at the department of your supervisor/assessor to present your findings.

When your Literature Study is finished, your assessor fills out the assessment form. As guidance, your assessor can use the Criteria Guidelines in the Literature Study Regulations which contain an overview of the assessment criteria. The total mark consists of 10% research outline, 70% report and 20% oral presentation.

You have to send your report and the second assessor assessment form to the Amsterdam UMC assessor who will review and grade the written report. The final mark of the written report will be the average of the individual marks for the report given by the supervisor and the Amsterdam UMC assessor.

Furtermore, you have to send a PDF of your report and Internship Portfolio to

In addition, you should fill in the online evaluation form.

All forms for approval and assessment and other information can be found here.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • How do I request approval for a Literature Study? For every Literature Study, you must request approval by filling in the Literature Study approval form
  • How many ECTS/week does a Literature Study take? A Literature Study grants 9 EC and officially lasts 6 weeks.