Step 2: Preparing for a face-to-face meeting

The first thing we advise you to do is to attempt to resolve the complaint directly with the involved staff member. This is also one of the conditions of a complaints or inappropriate conduct procedure. This will by no means always be easy. Hopefully the tips and suggestions below may help you to prepare for this discussion:

  • Discuss the situation with your friends and acquaintances. By discussing the problem you will receive the critical opinions and insights of others, which often helps to clarify things for yourself.
  • Write down the aspects that play a role in the complaint; this can also help to clarify the problem. Try to write a clear and concise description of the complaint, e.g.: why did you feel you were not being taken seriously? You might write down something like: “I felt I was not being taken seriously because the teacher obviously hardly read my report.”
  • Try to distinguish your own role in the situation and reconsider your position: Why did I react so aggressively/timidly/etc.? Is this response unique or does it remind me of other situations I’ve been in? Why did I react like I did?

This is called self-reflection and even experienced communication specialists find it difficult!

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