Do you want to switch to a different Master’s programme?

There are an infinite number of Master’s programmes in the Netherlands. It is impossible to provide a full overview of all the Master’s and pre-Master’s programmes that students with a Bachelor of Medicine have access to.

Experience tells us that you can also turn this around: which field are you interested in? PR, policy, research, management, biomedics or perhaps teaching? Find out more on the internet. Useful search terms could be: health law; law, labour and health; care management; (cognitive) neuroscience; oncology; health education; public health; health services research; health economics; management in health; entrepreneurship in health; medical pharmaceutical sciences; medical computer science; anthroposophical medicine; medical sociology; philosophy of medicine; biopharmaceutical sciences; etc. You can then approach the relevant faculties yourself to find out whether you are applicable for their programme. Most websites do not provide this information out of hand, so give them a call!