Exemptions granted by the Examination Board

The student advisors meet with the Examination Board every week. They advise the Board on individual student’s applications. This is why, if you wish to submit a request to the Examination Board, you are advised to contact one of the student counsellors first to find out if the Board is the right address for your application and whether your application letter meets the requirements.

Which exceptions apply to which situations?
The most common exceptions requested by students are:

  • postponement of expiry of validity. If you fail to achieve your Bachelor’s degree within a period of five consecutive years, your first year results will expire in the sixth year, the second year results will expire in the seventh year, etc. The same rule applies to the Master’s programmes. If you have nearly completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s programme and your progress indicates that you will successfully complete your programme in the foreseeable future, the Examination Board may decide to extend the validity of your results;
  • extra examinations. If you have successfully completed your Bachelor’s programme with the exception of one component and you need to wait longer than three months before you can take the exam for this remaining component, then the Examination Board may grant you an opportunity to take an ‘extra examination’. This is known informally as an oral exam (the relevant department decides in what form this extra examination will take place and often opts for an oral exam);
  • exemptions;
  • exceptions to the transition rules (such as the BSA rule);