Extra exam time

Extra tentamentijd
Foto: Digidaan

Do you suffer from dyslexia? Or have you lived in the Netherlands for less than five years? Then you are applicable for extra exam time. If you have dyslexia you can also request large print versions of the exam papers.




  • Applications by first year Bachelor’s students

If you are a first year Bachelor’s student then you can apply directly to the student counsellor. Bring along proof that you suffer from dyslexia or of your length of time in the Netherlands. For the rest of their Bachelor’s programme, students with dyslexia must send an e-mail to the student advisors at the start of the academic year requesting extension of the dyslexia exception, indicating which specific exams are involved (including any resits from previous years).

  • Applications by Master’s students

Master’s students can send an e-mail to the student advisors at the general e-mail address. They will include you in a digital list if you are applicable for the exception. Master’s students are not required to fill in forms and nor do they need to visit the student counsellors in person.

All students who suffer from dyslexia should also:

  • report to the Dean of Students, Ms M. (Mariken) Blom, or send her an e-mail;
  • take note of the special courses available to students with dyslexia in the main building.