Falling behind

Study problems often lead to students falling behind. Students may fall behind because they have chosen the wrong study, because of extenuating circumstances, because of doubts about their choice that lead to procrastination, etc.

Illness or other extenuating circumstances
If you fall behind in your studies due to illness or other extenuating circumstances and your student grant is still subject to a performance contract, you should contact Mariken Blom, one of the Deans of Students, within three months. If you report the extenuating circumstances to a Dean of Students you may be applicable for extra financial assistance. The extenuating circumstances will only be taken into account if reported to a Dean of Students. Read the other conditions of this regulation carefully.

Also contact the Deans if the circumstances delay your studies for longer than three months or if you do not have a student grant or loan (any more). There may be other facilities available to you.

The Deans of Students are independent; you can discuss any matter with them in strict confidence. You can talk to them about the best way to catch up with your studies again or any other problems.  

Top performers
Talented students and members of the university student council (USR) or a faculty student council (FSR) can also apply for a facilities scheme alongside the above financial schemes. Check whether you meet all the conditions for this scheme before you apply.

Questions about tuition fees, institutional fees or long-term students