VUmc has a number of computer rooms for students. These can be found in the basement of the School of Medical Sciences building. There are 100 computers in BK-37/45. Across the hall is computer room BK-50 with 40 computers. There are also 100 computers in the medical library.

Logging in
To use a PC, you need to log in with your VU-net-ID. You need to log in to connect to the faculty computer network and services such as printing, e-mail and the internet. 

Wireless internet
Laptops can be connected wirelessly in many of the public areas on the VU campus. To access wireless internet you need to have a VU-net-ID. For information on the VU-net-ID, laptop administration and the wireless network, go to VU-net -> Products and services. Use your VU-net-ID for login.

No VU-net-ID?
Read our page on wireless internet for visitors.