VU University ranked amongst top 50 world wide in medical sciences

In the Academic Ranking of World Universities (or the Shanghai ranking) VU University is ranked amongst the top 100 to 150 universities worldwide.

02/07/2019 | 1:35 PM

In the subject field of medical sciences, we rank even higher, we belong to the top 50 worldwide

Dutch National Student Survey
The Bachelor of VUmc School of Medical Sciences is ranked first in the Dutch National Student Survey. The National Students Survey (NSE) is a large-scale international survey in the Netherlands, for which almost all students in higher education are invited to give their opinion about the quality of their education.

Masters Cardiovascular Research and Oncology
The master Cardiovascular Research of VUmc School of Medical Sciences is also ranked first in the National Students Survey (NSE) 2018 of all biomedical master's programs in the Netherlands. The master Oncology ranked second.