Top master Oncology

The Top master Oncology is a special component of the Master's Programme in Oncology, which offers the most excellent students the opportunity to acquire additional knowledge and skills in the field of oncological research at the highest standard.

Only the best students of the Master Programme in Oncology are selected for the Top master Programme the selection criteria are:

  • The marks of the compulsory courses are on average =>7,5 with a minimum score of 7. 
  • All courses have to be completed successfully in the first instance.
  • The mark of the bachelor or HLO work internship is >7,5.

When you are selected to follow the Top master programme you need to:

  • do additional courses of 12 ECTS to be completed within 2 years
  • do one internship in a renowned research institute abroad
  • obtain marks =>7,0, and on average =>7,5.
  • write a study of literature which is suitable for publication in a peer reviewed journal.