The program committee of the master Cardiovascular research

Program committee of the Master Cardiovascular Research
The program committee is made up of a chairperson (a lecturer), a vice-chairperson (a student) and several staff members and student members. New vacancies for students on the program committee will be published as soon as these become available. The current student members of the program committee are appointed for two years.

• Prof. dr. R.A. Boon (chair, lecturer) 
• Dr.C.E. van den Brom (lecturer) 
• Dr. R. van Loon (lecturer)
• Zainab Iqbal (second-year student) 
• Lotte Abbas (second-year student) 
• Rianne Verduijn (second-year student) 

• Mr. Pieter Wytzes (official secretary)

A meeting timetable is available on which you can see approximately when which subjects will be on the agenda. The committee works according to an annual timetable. There are 6 meetings a year.

The program committee draws up an annual report for the academic year. It also keeps minutes of every meeting.

Mr. Pieter Wytzes